Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Treadmill Kashi Update

Well I did it!  Sunday of Memorial Weekend marked my 30 days of daily treadmill and Kashi (with the approved exception of sit-ups while out of town)  I must admit the Kashi part had to be revised for obvious reasons.  Those of you who can do Kashi GoLean everyday without incident are fiber champions.  For me, my system can only bear the lighter Strawberry Fields.  DH stressed he would hold me to the treadmill and left me to monitor my own fiber concerns. :)

Back in April DH and I agreed if I exercised on the treadmill and ate Kashi for 30 days he would buy me a digital recorder.  My tennis shoes and treadmill never saw so much action.  I even got the signal "lube belts" one morning which for me was a sign of accomplishment.   

Results?  Frankly I thought there would be more.  I wasn't running or anything but thought going from nothing to consistent exercise I would've found myself looking in the mirror one morning saying, "dang I look good."  Just kidding, I would've settled for the "not bad" feeling.  Instead things were just fitting more comfortably.  Now after a week of not excercising and not eating Kashi I find myself feeling a little more self conscious and non-fibrous.  Therefore, I think it showed more results in my sense of accomplishment and well-being more than in my waistline (although it may have been centimeters instead of inches or millimeters instead of centimeters - it does increase your appetite you know).

Now for the research on what video camera to buy.  DH did say that if I wanted to buy a digital slr camera with video he would go for that (...since our current point-and-shoot camera was free and not so great.  Afterall, at first he did promise a new car!).  Not sure which one would have that ability.  Boy, the Canon Rebel XTi is pretty tempting but I don't know if it shoots video.  I need help.

conclusion:  I do best with short goals and a carrot dangling in front of me.  Now for the next goal and carrot...(I think he'll be more cautious this time)


Katviper said...

Great job. You have more will power than I ever would. Go for the best camera, you deserve it.

LeeLee said...

What an accomplishment! Nothing like the promise of gifts to get our feet moving! ;) Chris signed me up for the Y this summer... I´m ready for some CeeCee boot camp!

Carolina Mama said...

What a great idea! Happy Summer and congrats to you and your kiddos on schooling. Invite to my "win it Wednesday!" going on at Carolina Mama. ;)

sequin said...

Awesome job! They say 21 days and its a habit? Hey, what a bargain - $2900 vs $29,000! What is this recorder thing you're talking about anyway - we don't have anything like that in the "country hick parts" out here.

LeeLee, yes CeeCee will have you working this summer. She is there faithfully!!!!

TNS said...

Sequin, whatever do you mean? $2900 vs. $29,000?

sequin said...

As far as I can figure, a new recorder can't be more than $2900? An new car, $29,000? At least in these here parts.

TNS said...

I thought about what you meant in the movie theatre today and thought it related to the amount of the economic stimulus check.

Still we have no decision - the Canon I like is between $500-$750 (depending on package), not close to $2900. Remember our current camera was free so it's about time to invest in something of quality. (at least now that I have him listening anyway).