Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How Much He Believes in Me

Looking for a little motivation, in the way a classic youngest child would do, I asked DH what he would give me if I woke up first thing in the morning and walked on the treadmill and ate Kashi for breakfast for 30 days.  "A new car" he said.  Now, he's not in the market for a new car, we both really like our car with the exception of it's rate of gasoline consumption, so this only indicates his sad level of belief in my discipline.  If I wanted a new car I should've tested him, but I don't.  What I do want is a digital video camera so we can store events on the computer.  So it's a deal.  He thinks he won't have to buy me one.  So far I've completed 5 days in a row - 25 to go.  We do have an exception when we travel away for a couple of days...but apparently then I have to do sit-ups.

Okay, so my system is not used to all this Kashi.  The day after my first serving, Nutmeg, our chihuahua was sitting on my lap.  My stomach and digestive system were rumbling (not in an outward motion), squeaking and turning.   All of a sudden I had a big rumble and she got so scared she darted off my lap, ran a few feet and looked back.  That's how powerful the stuff is.  I hope my body can adjust.  Maybe walking and Kashi are a bad combination, but it's too late - I must endure.

On that topic, this is something I overheard from one of my family members this morning (who will remain nameless), "whew, I think my coo has allergies."  

(In Portuguese "coo" is a word used for your behind.  Not sure if I have the spelling right.)


sequin said...

OK, now why did you start the Kashi at the same time? That stuff is way powerful! I had baaaad stomach pains the first couple of days I tried breakfast from the HUGE box of GoLean that I bought with good intentions from Costco. Treadmill - go girl! Kashi - go go girl! :)

TNS said...

I have to kind of trick myself into doing these things. I'm not disciplined enough to start one thing gradually than add another. That's why I needed incentive. Anyway my breakfast routine needed improving and my fiber needed improving so I promised to eat Kashi for 30 days straight.

I've been eating Kashi GoLean but maybe I should switch to some other kind of "lighter" Kashi? Maybe that's a misnomer.

Lisa said...

I will have the utmost respect for you if you make it 30 days! Treadmill alone is hard, not to mention adding all that Fiber!

I wonder if it will work with my husband? I want a new camera! I will have to ask, but I will wait until after Mothers Day Weekend.

As sequin stated you GO GO GIRL!!

Katviper said...

You have more will power then I do. Once my stomach started to rumble from the Kashi, that would have been it. I would have had to get some ice cream to make to rumbling go away. I know you will make it, but you might never want to eat Kashi after the 30 days again.

LeeLee said...

Ha! If Reidar said 'a new car' I would think the same thing...Where's the faith? lol

You know, it has been said that it take 21 days of doing something for it to become a habit (i guess it could go either way good or bad!).

You go girl!

I'm down to a little over a month to get ready for a bathing suit again. I'm failing miserably!

LeeLee said...

I forgot to say that I haven't heard 'coo' in such a long time! Ah, a memory from my youth...