Saturday, May 31, 2008

San Juan Bautista

Today I visited San Juan Bautista, the 15th of California's 21 missions.  It has been another full week and I was surprised to see it's been almost a week since I have posted.  It's the grasshopper in me postponing loading all those photos from my camera.  I need a good chunk of time to do this.  I caught a cold in San Francisco too and have felt a little worn down.  

I visited the mission for a little retreat; talk, confession, Mass, meditation.  I was invited and at first said I didn't think I could attend because of my cold and schedule.  Then I was feeling little promptings to go.  Today was the feast of the Visitation, when Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth.  St. Elizabeth who I have been thinking about so much.  

That little connection came at a perfect time.  This week I was surprised when some grieving surfaced again.  I know God held my hand through it and brought me His true peace in at least two definite ways.  One was the retreat today and the "coincidence" of the feast of the Visitation.  Secondly a beautiful letter came from the priest who assisted us during the miscarriage.  He wrote how he was touched by the loving ways our larger family expressed their love for our baby.  I'm thankful he took the time to write that letter and it's amazing timing - for it arrived on the exact day when the sadness surfaced.

I'm glad we can carry on and be joyful but still have the little times of sadness for our child who can't be with us here.  I hope I always feel this.


dinga said...

God works in awesome ways. How blessed that you are aware of the ways He works. We love Elizabeth too.

Lisa said...

Oh how great God is. You are blessed that you are open and listening to him. He will always give us what we need, right when we need it.
I too still shed tears for little Elizabeth. My little one prays for her everynight. We will never forget her!