Friday, June 6, 2008

Above and Below Expectations

Today Jae had her Kindergarten celebration.  For some reason they went to great lengths not to call it a graduation.   They really down played it but it turned out to be a really nice send-off.  Her teacher, the best I've ever come across, is retiring after 30 years.  It was a very productive year for our little Jae.  To think we worried about her being four when she started.  At every turn her teacher and speech therapist praised her work and effort.  We are very proud of her.

For some reason I feel really out of it.  It's bad when you go in a public restroom and struggle to find the paper towel and say "I guess they're out."  Then an elderly lady (80's?) comes up and explains to you that it's automatic and you must wave your hands like this (demonstrating)  in front of it.  Then your 5 year old daughter looks at you and says, "MOM!"  (as if to say Mom, snap out of it!)  I probably looked like this:

I think tomorrow I might try being with it, I might look a little better.


Katviper said...

Jae looks so cute in that picture. She sure is growing up.

You know they have automatic flush toilets now

sequin said...

I'm sure Jae will always remember such an exciting year! She got to adventure out to school, get a Speech Therapist, and all sorts of fun things in between. She does look so much more mature after the year. She has developed such a cute little personality.

Its a good thing...she probably felt like Dinga was standing there in that bathroom!

Lisa said...

Her Kindergarten year was filled with so many new and fun things. She gained confidence, poise and a definite sense of style! She will probably always have fun memories of it. She looked so beautiful in her picture.

As for her mother, well, we can always hope!