Friday, May 2, 2008

Naughty Nutty!

How does God pack tons of personality, cuteness, energy, intelligence, agility, and a ton of naughtiness into 7-8 pounds?  He does and her name is Nutmeg.  She gives us lots of enjoyment and frustration.  She is a little gift but not without consequences.  

She is very athletic and can jump on things we thought impossible for her size.  When we got her the breeder told us not to let her climb stairs or jump on the couch until she was a year old.  Hmmm, that lastest maybe one month.  We couldn't stop her, she's just does it.  

This weekend we set her up for more than she deserves.  One of her favorite visitors (if not thee favorite) is coming to stay with her for the weekend while we're away.  That would be Love Bandit above left.  Aren't my two nephews cute?  (seen here playing Guitar Hero at Christmas in Papa's living room).  So anyway, Love Bandit is here to keep her company and tuck her in bed at night.  

You think she would show a little appreciation for everyone going through so much trouble for her.  Instead this morning, while we were getting ready upstairs, the scoundrel jumped on top of the kitchen table and got into the package I was wrapping for our Godson's First Communion.  She swiped a gift, ran off, and chewed it up!  Now this isn't something I can replace on our way at a quick stop to Target.  These are gifts I had to get from a specialty shop downtown.  I'm so frustrated.  

Then she looks up at me with her big brown eyes, snuggles on my noisy lap (Kashi) and makes me forgive her.  Darn her!


LeeLee said...

She is such a cutie! How can you stay angry at that cute face? Our dog can get into mischief if let unattended. And unfortunately, he doesn't have a cute face. lol So a couple of strikes against him... ;)

sequin said...

That Love Bandit is so lucky to stay with such a cute little doggie. She is going to feel like a queen! Hope you were able to figure out what to do about the gift. That little Nuttie does remind me of "Skippita" in Jimmy John Jones!!! I'm sure she thought that gift was the Bandito!

Katviper said...

I think Nutmeg needs a friend to get into trouble with, I have three you can choose from.

Lisa said...

She does look like a little "Skippita" who also liked getting into lots of trouble, in Skippy John Jones!

You seem to have trouble with little dogs getting into gifts. Didn't little Candy ruin a gift too? Not nearly as much as a problem as this one. I hope you were able to remedy the problem in time.

I agree with leelee, how can you stay mad very long at such a cutie?

TNS said...

Leelee - no cute face required just the right expression at the right time.

Sequin - Little Skippita looks and acts very content like she was at a spa all weekend.

Katviper - N.O. :) ...even though you have three cuties...I'm 40 now and I like to think I have more sense.

Lisa - Yes, for me little dogs + gifts to give = chewed gift. When I was little I hid my Mother's Day gift under my dresser and our daschund ate it.