Tuesday, May 6, 2008

If You Give A Kid a Camera...

This cute guy is our Godson who received his First Holy Communion Saturday.  It was a long drive for us to the Los Angeles area Friday afternoon/evening (5 1/2 hours) but we wouldn't have missed it.  The kids don't get to see their cousins too often so when they get together there is always lots of fun.

After First Communion we all went to El Torito for lunch to continue celebrating.  

Don't they look alike?  Here's my Brother-in-law with his son.  I love to see a little boy in a shirt and tie (the tie came off for the party).  

So as the seven adults were enjoying a pitcher of margaritas at one end of the table, the kids asked for the camera.  The conversation (and margaritas) were so good we hardly noticed there was this much activity going on at the other end of the table until we saw their pictures.  There was even a little Dancing with the Stars action.  note: we weren't in a private dining room.


sequin said...

Cute pictures! Cute kids! What I also want to see are the pictures from the other end of the table. Just where are they now?

Katviper said...

I can't believe how tall the girls are getting. They all are such cute kids.

Lisa said...

Yeah, did you delete all the margarita pictures? Don't tell me the kids didn't take any of the adults!
They are all getting so big! They look like they were having a great time, which will be great memories!