Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love Bandit Came to Dinner

Here are a few simple things that made me smile today.  A couple things not pictured are Jae coming out of school with a bag full of Valentines with a big smile on her face, grabbing my hand and skipping to the car.  Kaye and Cee enjoying a little Valentine gathering with some friends.  They made the Valentine fortune cookies from This Crazy Little Life of Mine.

Froggy greeted us outside the door this morning from DH's Aunt.

Simple dinner tonight with no waiting - two heart shaped pizzas.

The girls love when my nephew/Godson comes to dinner.  He brought me lovely floating scented bath roses.  I had already gotten him some chocolates and wanted to add something so this morning I asked DH to pick out a stuffed animal for our dinner guest.  DH came home with a gorilla in chains marked with "Love Bandit."  We enjoyed teasing our nephew about his new identity as "Love Bandit!"  DH teased that he could get a c.b. radio and say with a low voice, "breaker breaker Love Bandit rolling through, 10-4."

Nutmeg seemed to like the new name and whispered in the "Love Bandit's" ear if he would be her Valentine!  Then she said in her best Chihuahua Spanish accent, "I think I'm in love."

DH's little gift to me.  I love it - one of the pleasures in life to have a cup of coffee by your computer.  I wonder if I came up with an intriguing name for him if he'd bring me floating scented bath roses?

Hope you had a great day!


Lisa said...

It looks like you had a great Valentines day. Love the girls shirts. I hope they had fun with their valentine project.
How did the Nephew take being called the "Love Bandit"? We will have to see if he comments.
We had heart shaped pizza as well but yours looks way better then ours. Ours looked like someone just took a piece out of it.

sequin said...

"Love Bandit" - What a great name for such a cute guy!! (Are those curls natural?) The girls' shirts were daahling - where was Nuttie's? I'm sure you'll enjoy a cup of java in the rose scented bath! That's something to look forward to after a busy valentine's day!