Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dusting Off

I thought it was time to dust off this blog of mine.  I enjoy adding pieces of our life onto it, so it's worth a little effort to get it moving again.  I'm a little tired of catching up on everything - sometimes I think "catching up" could be my life story's subheader.  I don't like it that way.

A couple of weeks ago, we visited Mission San Juan Bautista with Cee's 4th grade.  I love it there.  The simpleness, hard work and faith exudes from it's walls.  The gardens remind me of my Dad's - fruit, roses, structure and a statue.  After our trip we were invited to Monterey with some friends.  Then back on Mother's Day to head up to the Sierra's to celebrate with Rod's Mom and enjoy their beautiful scenery and back home.  It was a busy, nice weekend.  

Here's one of my Mother's Day gifts.  A backyard fire pit to enjoy on cooler Summer nights after a swim.  

No s'mores this time but plenty of Pirate Booty, drinks and animals to make it fun.  Along the way the girls picked up a terrible virus (not Swine Flu).  Generally it was mostly cough which affected Kaye and Jae's asthma.  We had a tough go of it for a couple of weeks but now everyone seems to be back on track.  

Yesterday on Memorial Day we went to the cemetery.  Going to the cemetery in our larger family has never been something we dreaded.  We gather flowers, visit each tombstone, sometimes let the kids drive to the next one, say a prayer at each, and remember our loved ones who we pray are happy in Heaven praying for us.  It's funny but I think the kids will have good memories of this.  

We traveled to a special cemetery honoring all those who have served our Country in our area.  All the flags were very impressive.  Each flag is the one given at the funeral to the family of these men and women.  The family donates the flag to the cemetery who displays them every Memorial and Veteran's Day.  It was a moving sight to see all those who sacrificed for our freedom.  
This is my Uncle's flag who served in the U.S. Army.  He was everyone's favorite uncle who will never be forgotten.  It was a little hard finding his flag but I think we got a little help from above when I randomly stubbled upon it.  

This is a nice picture of my Dad next to his big brother's flag.  Since my Uncle never married, my Dad was presented his flag at the funeral.  It will always be displayed in his honor - that's a nice thought.

Well more to come in the following days.  Summer is fast approaching.  I've been enjoying knitting and want to share a couple craft links I've found.  Also, trying to get all those clearing out projects done before the girls are home.  Like I said, catching up as usual.

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Fruitful Harvest said...

Hi there Grasshopper Girl~

Glad to see you're back!
The trip to the mission sounded like a fun time! I love visiting other churches!
What a great way to remember your favorite Uncle! Seeing ALL those flags must have been powerful!