Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cee is for Creative

We had a busy run of events last week.  A couple of the bigger things were the school carnival and Cee's mission project.  Of course Cee was in Heaven getting the green light to enter the cake decorating contest and building her Mission.  I knew when she was two and needed to touch every item down the store aisles that she was a hands-on kind of girl.  Give her a little inspiration (i.e. Tracy Porter and Mission pictures) and she's off to gather supplies.

This was a fun, easy cake with a lot of punch.  Caroline won!!!  She won the "Most Creative" cake at the carnival.  ...and there were some pretty cool cakes there.  Guess who bought her cake?  (yes we did bid) The Principal!  What can make a win sweeter?

Rod and I now understand why parents complain about missions.  It is a long process.  Cee said it best when at the end she sighed, "this is a bit overwhelming."  Cee assigned Dad to help with structure and Mom to help with decorating.  

You can see their prototype in cardboard in the back.  

Somehow in the middle we didn't get any pictures.  You know the time when you start doubting it will all come together.  

Here it is:  Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa

Cee loves it when all her hard work comes together.  Rod said this morning that one boy made his mission out of toilet paper.  I hate to think what he used for his prototype material.  Hmmm, I wonder if the teacher is going to think our family is a little psycho.  Anyway, Jae is looking forward to the day that mission returns home so she get her hands on it.  Polly Pocket needs a parish.  

We have the Mission field trip on Friday.  Throughout the project the girls discussed what other 4th graders in different states work on.  They thought Hawaii would be volcanos, Virginia the colonies, maybe Florida had the gator project (that sounds like a dangerous field trip).  After this I think the next few weeks of school will fly by.  Summer is around the corner.


Jazzbee said...

WOW! I'm impressed with both projects.
Way to go Miss Cee (and her awesome parents as well)

Fruitful Harvest said...

The cake looks great! So colorful! I'm inspired!

The Mission model is incredible...I bet it took a while to make!

What a AWESOME job! and Rod looks like a very pacient (sp?) man!

Blessings and CONGRATS!


sequin said...

Awesome projects. She had quite a week! Nothing like sweetening up the principal. The Mission is quite impressive and we been through three classes of them! Congrats - to all! :)

LeeLee said...

Oh my goodness! Tell Cee that she did a wonderful job on both projects. The cake looked yummy and I´m thoroughly impressed with the Mission! Wow! Zoey would love to get her hands on the too ;o)

Lisa said...

I checked out the video and Cee's is better than the original. Did she make her cake or did she just buy one like the video? Her frosting was so much better then the video cakes.
I will be calling for mission help! What a great job!