Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Craftsanity is one of those sites you stumble across by clicking one link that leads to another and so on.  I have enjoyed listening to the free podcasts while doing chores.  One that was inspiring was the interview with fabric designer, Anna Maria Horner.  She just had her 6th baby last week.  This first podcast (lengthy) talks about her upbringing and her teenage pregnancy.  

Another podcast I enjoyed from Craftsanity was an interview with 26 year old, Jenna Woginrich, who decided she wanted to live a life of a homesteader.  She wrote a book about her adventure of renting a small farm, growing vegetables, raising sheep and chickens, sewing, spinning and everything else that comes with life on a farm.  The most interesting thing about listening is figuring out how she had the guts to do this.  

Enjoy listening and click the links below to visit their blogs.  

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Fruitful Harvest said...

Hi there~
Thanks for the links....I went and checked them out! I added them to my favorites! Their style is really up my alley!
I do you have to pay to hear the broadcast?
How does that part work?