Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's Hip to be Square

Oh, I can relate to this video in MANY ways!  If I had to pick a couple...but I don't think I'm AS mean as Debra :) but Raymond is pretty close to Rod.

Here's Cee the Science Olympian on the morning of her competition.  (I think the hot water and hot dryer helped a bit, she'll be able to wear this shirt in her college dorm room - it's gathered in the back).  The competition was very well organized and well-represented from many private, Gate and technical focused schools and even a large school from the Bay Area.  There was a gap in how Cee's team prepared and then competed.  Meaning they practiced their pasta bridge w/ unlimited pasta and when they got there they saw they were only given 8 pieces of varied sized spaghetti.  Ooops - it was fun and they used their minds to figure it out.  Next year we'll have our game on :)

Jae has been obsessed with wearing the most realistic cast she can come up with.  This is an ace bandage with paper wrap so she can have everyone sign it.  Cee received these crutches from Papa one year as a birthday present.  That's all she wanted.  What's with my kids and orthopedic medical apparatus?  

Okay, don't laugh.  These are one of those knitting disasters...you know when someone is excited about knitting and they make you wear funky creations in ugly patterns.  Okay, so I've learned that variagated yarn has it's place in the sock world only.  These were suppossed to be hip fingerless mittens in Kaye's favorite colors.  She just laughs when she puts them on. Trying to tell her it's "hip to be square."  She's not falling for it yet.  


Fruitful Harvest said...

So I hope and pray you are in a better mood than whats on the video?
I guess when we act grumpy it only seems funny later!

The hand warmers are cute!

Did you see my Sonic post?
I bought you a Diet Vanilla Coke Slush!


Lisa said...

Love the hand warmers. They remind me of Aunt Sophie. I hope Cee had a good time and gained a lot of experience. She will be kicking some tushie next year!

I definitely see Rod, but you are not Debra(?). That is a classic clip.

sequin said...

LOL!!! Loved the clip! I feel for the guys (yes mine too) when they really are trying but only digging deeper. :) Cee is dahling and even smarter than she looks. Any experience is worth it...just wait til next year. The picture of Jae frightened me somewhat because of her recent knee problems. Thought I had missed out on an update. Glad to see she's just practicing!

Love Bandit said...

Great job on those forearm warmers!!! i cant stand knitting its so much easier to crochet i think... It may not be hip to be square, but it is definatly hip to be yourself, and if your square just roll with it- thats what i do!

Trudy said...

Georgiann, I am a little nicer than that video but you probably need to confirm that with Rod.

Lisa, I wasn't going for the Aunt Sophie look just yet :)

Sequin, you pegged it - "digging in deeper" Sometimes it's funny to watch other times you just have to stop them.

Love Bandit, you always make me laugh. Knitting is better, but maybe you make more mistakes at first but then you get your grove and finish something - ugly perhaps but finished. Great quote, it is definitely hip to be yourself! I just have to find someone who can identify with those fingerless mittens.