Friday, April 24, 2009

It has been a good, get-back-on-track week.  Very hot most of the week - 98!  We had a power outage, tried not to turn on ac (failed once when we walked upstairs at bedtime and thermostat read 90).  It's a bit rough when it comes on that strong.  We're used to heat but we need to step into it one toe at a time.  I planted some tomatoes at 8:30 in the direct sun and sweat up a storm.  The girls of course swam for the first time.  Monday the pool water was still a bit cold so they only lasted minutes in the big pool and then jumped into the spa.  Apparently the younger the more tolerant of cold temps - although it doesn't look like it from Jae's picture above.

Life with a puppy has been going pretty well.  It has it's moments like when Kaye realized this morning that her backpack and organizer were all wet - yuck.  Esmi is very good but I have to stay on task with her.  Yesterday we had 3 appts, so we suffered the consequences.  Nutmeg is adjusting well.  She loves to play with Esmi but she's not the same snuggly self with me - I think she's a little mad at me.  I may need to pull out the hot dogs to win back her love :)

We're turning into a farm around here - which is just fine by me.  We have been visited all week by two ducks "Fred and Debbie."  They have been flying into our pool every morning and afternoon.  ...and you guessed it, I've been feeding them.  It's hard to resist when they walk up to our window and look me in the eye.  The obvious danger is Oliver.  He has been so fascinated he has been good so far - watching from a safe distance.  I'm sure he is only planning his strategy for these birds that are bigger than the dogs.  I have a picture I'll post but it's on Kaye's camera.

Cee has her Science Olympiad tomorrow.  Her partner has been out of the country this week. Cee has a true interest in Science, especially hands-on experiments.  Say a little prayer for her tomorrow.  She'll be the one in her Adult Large orange tee shirt.  (t shirt sizes got a little mixed up)  I'm washing in hot water now.  

Have a great weekend!


Lisa said...

The girls look cold! It was so hot last week, I hope Spring comes back.

Been praying for Cee. Let us know how it turns out, Twitter it!

Love Bandit said...

Tell Cee good luck on that science olympiad!!! good to know that one of my younger cousins takes an interest ins science!

Fruitful Harvest said...

Hey there Grasshopper,
It looks like a fun time in the pool!
Spring break sounds like it was a sucess!
I hope your daughter's shirt fits better after the Hot washing!

So I have not heard back about whats good to order @ Sonic?!
Ours will open soon....I can't wait!
I've seen the comercials but we never had one. I'm truly excited can you tell!!LOL

Blessings for a Supper Sunday!

Trudy said...

Sonic you say? The biggest thing you need to know about Sonic is Happy Hour. 1/2 price drinks everyday from 2-4 (not exact on the times). They make just about any combination of slush or shake. My favorite is a Vanilla Diet Coke Slush. The cheddar poppers are not too bad either :)

Fruitful Harvest said...

Good morning~
Thanks for answering back about son says it opens TODAY!
I will have to drive down and see! I take pics and make a post of what I order....I'm so weird! hee hee!

Fruitful Harvest said...

Hey Trudy~

I have a surprize for you over at my blog!

Thanks for coming by!