Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Break

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

Found this fun little quiz at the Fruitful Harvest.  Thanks Georgiann.  I laughed when I got the snapdragon, that is definitely one part of my personality.  I'd have loved to get the rose but that's only about 10% of me.  We've been having a nice Spring Break.  Started the week with one Cousin, who is delightful and fun and then scored big with two Cousins on Wednesday.  We have been going to the movies, playing games, Sonic and Pizza Parlour, bowling and playing with a puppy.  It might also be known as the "food tour."  ...but it can't last long, our waistlines and wallets can't handle it.  

The puppy in the post below is little Esmi, our newest four legged family member.  We decided not to breed Nutmeg as originally planned.  When Cee did her training at the SPCA we heard and saw for ourselves the overload of chihuahua mix puppies and adult dogs waiting to be adopted.  The girls of course were disappointed because we had planned to keep a puppy.  So we decided to let them pick out a puppy already needing a home.  

As usual, once I get an idea in my head it's full speed ahead.  Rod on the other hand is on the other extreme - He weighs ALL his options and gets about three different detailed analysis going before he decides.  Good yes, but hard on the patience.  He trusted my instinct on this one since I'm the one home most of the time.  She has been a good puppy so far catching on fast to going potty outside when I take her and coming in the doggy door.  The hard part is teaching her to go out on her own.

Well, I think we're going to finish up the Spring Break.  The warm sunshine feels so good!


Fruitful Harvest said...

My hubby is the same way about things!
I remember when I first started coming to your blog you had just posted about your new kitten!

My hubby is used to me comein' home with animals! Last fall it was baby chicks....I'm thinking about a goat? Hhhmmm???? Maybe not?

I'm glad you had fun with the flower test....I cheatted...I took the test 2x's. The first time I was a daffodil.

Did you check out Names In The Sand? I checked it out again and they have a neat gift store...its new to the site! I hope you do go check it out!

Love and Prayers your blog friend,

Fruitful Harvest said...

Hey Grashopper Girl!
I hope your spring break is going good and that the new puppy is not chewing up your stuff....LOL giggle giggle!

We are getting a Sonic up here! I'm not sure when it will open soon I think?! I have never been to one but have seen commercials!
I can hardly wait!
Can you fill me in on what is good to eat there?


Thanks for coming by this morning!
I have been busy making food today!
Deviled eggs,baked potato salad,broccoli bacon grape salad.
Slicing strawberries for the pound cake and cutting veggies for the dinner salad!
We will also be havin' terriaki chicken sandwiches on potato buns with all the fixins'.
My sister in law is coming tonight....I have never met her in all the 17 yrs I have been with her brother. (Married to him for almost 13yrs).
I want everything to be perfect!

Fruitful Harvest said...

It me again~
I pray you are enjoying your break...
Are you going doing any where fun?