Saturday, January 31, 2009

This Week...

KCJ on career day:  photographer, teacher, cowgirl.  It was Catholic Schools Week so a couple of events a day.  The plus was very little homework.  It was kind of like an elementary school homecoming.  Why didn't we have this when I was growing up?

Found this hob nob frame at Marshalls.  Looked for something to go along with two wreaths I wanted to finally hang.  
Added a few things in each window.  Not sure that everyone would like it, but I do.  Had fun putting it together.
Here are the three together.  Although January is a month that takes a long time to get through, it seems like we were just in the heart of Christmas.  We have some very special birthdays coming up this week!


Holly said...

I really like the frame! I think it's cool!

Lisa said...

First, Love the frame!
Second, we had Catholic schools week, but no career day. That would have been so much better than crazy hat day! The best day was Grandparents day on Friday.
I too wish we would have had something like this.

sequin said...

Those girls just look darn cute! I can see the photographer, the teacher, haven't seen a little cowgirl in Jae yet. The arrangement is lovely, and the frame looks great. I need to open my eyes again to some artsy visions around here - some inspiration! Thanks.