Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Walk for Life

The Walk for Life in San Francisco on Saturday was very successful.  We attended Mass at 6:00am and then loaded the charter bus for SF.  The bus ride was very pleasant with the rosary and movie.  We arrived about 15 minutes before the rally, so just in time to get in the long line for the porta-potties (thankfully, the most unpleasant part of the day).  We had a pre-rally and then began our 2 mile walk.  The uplifting bagpipes-drum ensemble marked the start of our journey.

All of the protesting activity came at the very beginning.  One woman from the other side was collecting donations in a bucket claiming to be Pro-life.  They announced before the really that no one would be collecting from Pro-Life so do not give any money.  The woman was quickly removed by police.  The start of our walk was the only time we hit protesters.  They chanted to some familiar children's tunes (ironic) so it was disturbing.  They soon puttered out and it was a peaceful walk the rest of the way.  I have to say because they were drag queens and shouting ugly profanities, who would ever find them credible?  32,000 people marching together peacefully was very effective especially in the most crowded tourist areas of SF.  

The most impressive thing of the day is that it was so organized.  We kept thinking how do they allow all these streets to be blocked off for us?  All these police officers protecting?  The bus organization itself was remarkable.  I'm very happy we went and stood together.  The day, a blessed one.  The cause, the most important one.  As one speaker said, "the time is now."

To read more about the event, go to Walk for Life West Coast.


Jazzbee said...

I thought of you all day and I walked with you in spirit. I did read in the paper that it was a peaceful walk.
I love your collage of pictures.

sequin said...

Hopefully at least one baby was saved Saturday, if not many more! I believe that perhaps the peaceful protest says way more than loud. Love Bandit and his brother were also thankful of this opportunity to stand for life!

Georgiann said...

Hi Trudy~
Sounds like a great day....and a wonderful thing to do with the kiddos! I want to take my kiddos to a rally someday!

Peace in Christ,

Trudy said...

Our nephews Love Bandit and Tony Stark, veterans of the Walk for Life, showed us the ropes on Saturday. It was so nice to walk with them. Rod was really impressed they did this on their own, thinking back when he was their age. They're nice boys...and didn't even seem embarrassed to walk with us :)

Georgiann said...

Just droppin in to say Hi! Thanks for coming by!
The younger kiddos are feeling better....but last night all 8 of us had the ick! Chills,body aches ect...

Peace in Christ,

Lori4squaremom said...

Trudy, that is so cool! I have goosebumps right now! I really want our family to walk in the Walk For Life in Fresno in April, just trying to find out when Bekah's missions training meeting will be (she's going on a short term mission to Fiji this summer....she's done several "local" (Tulare County, and inner-city San Francisco) missions trips, but hasn't been out of the state or country) in April to see if we can actually do it or not. Will your family be walking in this one?

Thanks for commenting on my blog, I can't wait to read more on yours and get better caught up :)