Sunday, January 18, 2009

First Digital Layouts

For Christmas I received Jessica Sprague's 'Up and Running with Photoshop.'  I have had my struggles with Photoshop in the past.  I could never really quite understand 'layers.'  I've finished up to 'week 2' of the course and here are my first three digital layouts.  Although I edited the template a little in the second layout they are essentially templates so I can't take credit for the design.  You start with the background and learn different steps and options as you go.  I'm getting more familiar with layers and embellishing which gets me excited about the possibilities.  


Lisa said...

They look like a lot of fun. I was wondering if you had gotten started with your class. Maybe someday I will take a class and figure out what to do with all the pictures on my hard drive!
Great job on the pages. It is interesting about Jae's fashion don'ts. Did they just start? Is she going to be like others in the family?

Lisa said...

I love the cupcakes page. Great pictures and I love the saying. What cute little bakers!

Katviper said...

Can you print out a 12x12 page of this? Love the looks. I really need to do this too.

Trudy said...

Hey Katviper. Yes, you can send a jpeg copy with a high resolution to your photo processor (Costco, Shutterfly...) and that's how many people do it. Then they just slip their finished layout into a plastic sleeve which goes directly into an album.

Jessica Sprague teaches how to save for printing and how to save 'smaller' for the web.

dinga said...

Wow - all this lingo, high tech - but absolutely beautiful stuff. Maybe when I retire? Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

Georgiann said...

Hey Grasshopper Girl~

Looks like fun! I like the rust and blue colors on the page with the front of your house!
Very cool....I have so many pictures I would feel so overwhelmed. I take about 150 pictures a week!