Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I have a feeling our tree story is not done

On the Friday after Thanksgiving, Rod started the morning early (before 4:00 am) to take advantage of the good sales.  That afternoon we began a search for our Christmas tree.  Our favorite farm, where you can cut any tree, regardless of height, for $35, did not have the height we wanted.  We traveled up the mountain to a beautiful farm, but once again no luck.  Our last stop, where we found success, was a larger farm with both freshly cut and cut-your-own trees.  

Several weeks prior to this we've had discussions whether to go with an artificial tree this year.  Discussion meaning I was pulling for the artificial tree, pointing out that it would be our tree every year with anticipation of adding new memories each year we opened the box.  Well no one bought it.  Rod likes to have the biggest tree he can manage and the girls like the day we find the tree and the smell of a real tree in the house.  So I was outvoted.

We finally found a very large tree (maybe our largest).  A redwood no less.  Rod liked that it was already cut and centered on the stand.  While we were waiting for him to get the truck I chatted with the friendly tree assistant.  He looked familiar to me.  I thought maybe he could have a cabin up near my Dad's...but all that was running in my head while we were talking about other things so I never asked.  When Rod backed the truck up he noticed our "National Champions" license plate frame of the Fresno State Bulldog Baseball team who won the College World Series this year.  He said you're a fan of the Bulldogs huh?  I said "yeah!"  He had a twinkle in his eye when he told us he was on the team.  I quickly remembered he was the pitcher who wrapped up the final championship game, Justin Wilson.  Brandon Burke, a relief pitcher, who I remember, was helping too.  Rod was trying to contain himself, having closely followed their road to victory.  

World Champions, Justin Wilson and Brandon Burke with our Christmas tree.

Rod was so excited he immediately went to get two (the last remaining in the store) baseballs.  He encouraged me to go back to get their signatures on the balls.  He said he would look like a dufus if he asked.  So, being the star struck dork I am, I went back.  They were both very nice and friendly.  It was their first day so I bet they were probably wondering how many times this was going to happen.

Justin Wilson

Brandon Burke

We decorated our tree before attending the Nutcracker.  It was nice but we usually are a little cranky at this point.  Apparently Rod doesn't like to be directed on the exact part of the branch to put every light.  hmph.  

Just when we get the tree exactly as we want it, we hear several crashes and see this...a rascal kitten climbing our tree.  He has shakin' several ornaments off the tree which break once they hit the wood floor.  I'm not sure but I think he wouldn't have been able to do this in an artificial tree, but then again we wouldn't have had the celebrity sighting.  Come back on the 15th for the Christmas tour.  Meanwhile enjoy your Christmas preparations.


Lisa said...

How exciting! I can imagine the look on Rod's face! I bet it makes them feel great inside when they meet people like you guys who followed them and enjoyed every moment of them winning. Were the girls excited after finding out who they were?

And I have to say, the tree looks great! I love the extra large ornament that you have. And by the way, they do climb artificial ones and RUIN them! My little Bebop used to lay on the branches until they would fall. I could never get the branches right again.

Looking forward to the 15th!

Georgiann said...

Hi there Grasshopper Girl~
It looks like you all had fun! I was telling my Hubby of your adventure with the famous sports guys, he knew of those guys...I don't keep up on the sports thing. He thought that was totally cool.

Life here has been so busy I feel like I'm going by the saet of my pants! We finaly got our tree decorated last night.....and tonight the baby pulled tree over onto herself. She is fine but the ornaments all came flying off the tree. I bagged them up and will try to rehang them tomorrow after church.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas!