Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Tour

Welcome to our home.  The lights are turned down low - way low...and it's not because I'm a terrible photographer who wants to take pictures without a flash but is not familiar with her camera settings, still.  No, it's because you are visiting at night and we always have this golden glow in our home :).  

When it comes to Christmas decorations there's a battle between spouses, one wanting a "woodland Christmas" and the other wanting "as bright as you can get Christmas."  Notice which side I'm on - the one with the pretty name.  What we settled into is the Christmas decorations that are just right for us.  The ones we have collected throughout our 15 years together.  Many are gifts we will treasure each year.  

We will start at our front door...

This is our entry, looking into our living room. The wreath to the right is made from clothespins by my little nephew/Godson, "Love Bandit" when he was only 5 or 6.  I love it.

This is our tree this year which has a story all it's own.  Read the story here.

A few presents already from the organized side of our family (that would not be the side I descend from):  

This is my Mom's stable.  This is a treasure.  I'm so proud to see the girls eager to set it up at the start of every Christmas season.  I can almost imagine my Mom's proud smile.  It holds many memories of the treasured Christmases with my Mom.

Unfortunately this is a cat attacking the Prince of Peace.  He doesn't know Who he's messing with.  This is almost life size and brings our focus back to why we are celebrating Christmas.  (of course when the rascal Oliver is not around)
Our piano with a Christmas village and banners overhead.

This is a view from our second story.  We have a lighted Angel inside.  We like that we can see the top of our Christmas tree from the second story.

Our stair Christmas tree decorated with "candy" ornaments.  

This is a manger given to us by Rod's Mom and Husband.  It is nice we have a manger from both Mothers to treasure.  I kept our new statue of the Blessed Mother with the manger.  

Have you seen this set?  Lovely how Mary can hold the baby Jesus.

A view looking into our family room from the kitchen.  Don't mind the coats hanging over the chair ready for use the next morning.  

One of my favorite areas, especially on Christmas morning when the stockings are full from Santa's visit and confirms they made it another year on the good list.  Rod's Mom crocheted the three center stockings for the girls.  I just love them.  She gave us the two stockings on the end for our wedding.  Christmas gifts are wonderful gifts for weddings because you continue to remember the person who gave them to you each year.

A few embellishments in the kitchen.  Kaye received this tea set when she was a baby from Aunt S.  We love setting this out each year.  

Rod wondered why I put this one in but I love the Kennedy's - the Camelot side.  These were from our matchmaker, Aunt Levia.  A few pine cones and berries to make it a little more festive.
I don't put much in the kitchen other than a few things here and there.

Our Advent wreath on the kitchen table.  The rose candle today means we are soon to greet the newborn King.

Thank you for visiting.  Merry Christmas!

Be near me, Lord Jesus, I ask Thee to stay,
Close by me forever, and love me, I pray!
Bless all the dear children in Thy tender care
And take us to Heaven, to Live with Thee there.

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Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

You have a lovely home! Glad I was able to stop by for a visit!

Callie said...

oh I love the staircase and garland!!

MamaMidwife said...

Great decorations! Wish I could find baby and toddler don't leave much room for decorating this year. :)

You have a LOVELY home! It's nice to "meet" another Catholic mama. Glad I could stop by!

(Funny: my word verification is "fly zedd" hee hee)

Heather said...

I love your nativity sets!! It looks so great!! Merry Christmas!!

IRENE said...

Lovely creche. And I like your personal touch, the Kennedys. It's so feminine. Have a very merry and blessed Christmas.

annie said...

Beautiful decorations!

cjnichols said...

Your home is beautiful - love the tall trees - especially the one by the staircase! The nativities are gorgeous!
Merry Christmas!

Ms. Tee said...

Your home is very pretty! I especially love the arched shape of your front door and the garland above it - so pretty. :)

Millie said...

Love your commentary, and your lovely decorating!

Carol said...

It all looks beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us.

Merry Christmas!

Bitsy said...

Beautiful decorations and I love both the nativity sets. Thanks for visiting my blog. Blessings for a wonderful Christmas. Joy, Bitsy

LeeLee said...

Your home looks so festive and lovely! I have many things that have stood the test of time and are a part of our Christmas traditions. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

The banners are really pretty. Did someone make them for you?

Lisa said...

Your house looks so lovely! I love the two trees and I didn't realize that you were the one that got Mom's nativity set! I guess that means I get Santa and Frosty!

Hopefully I will be able to host you at my house shortly! It is taking forever to get the post done among everything else that needs to get done!

Anna said...

Thanks for the tour! Merry Christmas :)

Georgiann said...

Hi there Grasshopper girl~
Great decorations. I love the stair case! And the arched doorway!
I got my mom's nativity (she is still alive). Her and my dad down size about 7 years ago and moved to Arizona. I don't want the kiddos to brake it so I've never put it up!


S'more of my Thoughts said...

Beautiful! I LOVE your arched front door & garland over it.

Visiting from Boomama's site.

Jnette said...

Your house looks gorgeous for Christmas! You have a lovely home!