Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dang, I Need a Photography Class!

I'd like to blame my camera for the wrong settings...but I'm the one that messed them up.  I don't know whether to stop people to get posed shots or come in incognito for the action shot.  Here's my poor attempt at Thanksgiving pictures.  One things for sure I have interesting subjects :)

"Ahh, what time was this dinner supposed to be ready? ...and yes that's another knife injury for Dinga.

The generous Hostess.  "Come a little closer, I love my picture taken!"

It's hard to get a bad picture of this group...but I had the potential to get a great shot with all that cuteness and color.

The generous Host.  I must say the placement of this photo was just what I envisioned ;)

One more cup on this table, please!  (the After - looking for sales in newspaper and picking names for Christmas and of course drinking the beverage of choice)

loving Cousin Tee w/ Jae eating up the attention.


Lisa said...

Those are good photos, except for that double chin!!!!
Great picture of the kids, Tee and Jae, and even hubby looked pretty good considering he felt so lousy. I like our turkey blow-up in the background!
The table picture is a classic. I tried to count all the cups, glasses and bottles and lost count at 22! Great post!

Not Saying Who said...

I see you scared everyone away with that first picture!!

Georgiann said...

Hi there Grasshopper Girl~
It looks like you all had a great time. We don't have family here...well just my sister (she's getting married next Aug.) She spend the holiday with his side. On Christmas eve. her and her boyfriend and his mom come to our house for Mass and then dinner. My kids want cousins to play such luck...yet anyway?

I bet the man on the couch loves the Turkey behind him?

Merry Christmas,