Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I miss blogging.  I think what's keeping me from writing a quick post is the thought of downloading pictures.  I have a ton to download and need to set a time to do it.  If you want to see our Thanksgiving pictures, go to Lisa's blog here.  I'll post my pictures soon.  Here are a couple of swirling brain synapses.  One thing for sure is I need to get organized.

  • This years tardy #2 was given this morning.  Kaye is dealing with a serious cold, returning to school after a week vacation, and going to soccer playoff practice everyday after school this week.  She's dragging which is unusual for her.  She's usually the most organized in the morning.  This morning when we were almost ready she remembered she needed two pictures for computer class downloaded.  So tardy #2 was inevitable. :(
  • Cee is my easygoing one.  99% of the time she is go with the flow with a smile.  When we hit that 1% the breaks come to a screaching halt and there are tire skids left in the road.  Thank goodness we were within that 99% this morning - whew.
  • I want to remember this time with Jaye.  She is a morning person.  I love seeing that cute toothless smile in the morning with her rumpled big hair come down the stairs.  She is almost always the first one of the girls up.  I'll have to have my camera ready tomorrow morning.
  • I'm getting a lot of shopping done but I need to get organized and attack that list.  I like to have the time to do things systematically.  The trouble is the world doesn't wait for me to get my system going.  Maybe this is what my Mom was talking about those times she called me the "Queen of Sheba."  
  • It's not Christmas season until after a long hectic day I'm warm, cozy and settled in bed watching my all time favorite Christmas movie, The Family Stone.  Never mind I only make it a couple of scenes per night.  It never gets old.  
  • and lastly there was a celebrity sighting this year when we got our Christmas tree...story to follow after I download my pictures.  What's a celebrity sighting story without a photo?  Off to do some Christmas shopping (the girls are out at noon the next three days so this is my only full day of this week).  now, where did I put my brain?


sequin said...

Now that's a blast from the past - Mom called you "Queen of Sheba" too? I would have never thought that Jae was you morning girl????? Now, where did that time go when the girls are in school? Its always eaten up somehow! Might as well be shopping! Do you have the Catholic Woman's Planner from Many Little Blessings blog? I do, it works wonders - if you use it.

Georgiann said...

Hey ther Grasshopper Girl~
I was wondering where you went? My girls are sick again...so I to have not had time to write a nice post! Did you see my Dancing With Chickens post? Just pictures.

I think I have seen the Christmas Stone movie? What is it about?

Peace and Prayers,

Lisa said...

I know that I was never called the "Queen of Sheba"! We won't go into what she called me.

The girls need to practice what my son does when he is going to be late; just run real fast through the office and don't stop! So far, so good!

My daughter is the morning person in our house. Good idea about the camera. I all ready miss seeing the little toddler coming in with her footed pajamas to sit on my lap. It is by far my favorite time of the day.

I am so unorganized! I was in the Christmas mood through the weekend, but have almost been depressed since Monday. I have not one thing completed and have so little shopping completed. I will have to try the planner!