Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Out of Town Wedding

We traveled to Santa Cruz this weekend for a family wedding.  It was one of the most fun weddings we've been to.  For the kids it was hands down the best time they've had at a party.  All the settings were very beautiful - the Church, the reception overlooking the ocean, the beachfront hotel and the very happy couple.  Kaye and Cee had the honor of standing by the front table directing guests to their seat assignment.  (Kaye had outgrown her dressy sweater so she had to go for the full jacket)

These two cousins couldn't have been more excited to catch the boutonniere and bouquet.  They certainly gave it their all which I hope sat okay with all the adults in their way. (shriek) 8.5 - 9 must be the optimal age range for the wedding toss.

They had a photo booth for the guests.  Once your photos were printed they gave each person a copy and put one copy into the guest book for the guest to sign.  It was  a lot of fun.

These were views outside our hotel the next morning.  That is Santa Cruz Municipal Pier.  

This is Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, taken from our hotel balcony, which we successfully avoided.  Surprisingly not too much attention was given to that.

Great weekend with a little bonus day off the next day for the girls.  It is surely one wedding we will all remember. 


Georgiann said...

Hey Grasshoppper Girl~
It looks like a wonderful time! Weddings are fun. Something the kids will always remember!
My sister will be getting married in August 09. My kiddos are sssooo excited! She's 38 yrs old and will start trying for a baby AFTER the wedding.

Hope all is well with you today!
Blessings and prayers,

sequin said...

Looks like fun. No wonder I didn't hear back from you guys! Who's wedding? Such pretty beach pictures!