Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Know How She Did It

I've always loved the memory of the time my oldest sister babysat us and made homemade donuts.  In my memory those were the best donuts I had ever tasted.  I held the amazement for some time now.  Then I read this post at In the Midst of It and wondered maybe, just maybe, my sister used this same technique?  Maybe she'll reveal her secret in the comments.

These are easy peasy as Jae would say lately.  Cee and I opened an ordinary can of biscuit dough, cut a hole in the middle, fried, then rolled in sugar.  I used my wok for the very first time.  It was a bridal shower gift.  (I'm sure my Aunt could not have imagined it would be used 14 years after she gave it to me.)

They were incredibly delicious as soon as they cooled enough to take a bite.  It didn't taste like a biscuit at all.  The next day the biscuity denseness started and they will still good but not wow.

Next time you want to impress your children or give your younger brother and sisters a lasting memory, pop open a can of biscuit dough.

yum - O


sequin said...

Wow - that was ions ago, I can't remember what recipe I used. Were canned bisuits even invented then? I'm sure it wasn't canned biscuits. My memory of those donuts were definitely different than yours. As a matter of fact, I decided never to make donuts again. I'll have to try the new recipe. They do look yummy! (Then I noticed your label - don't try to pin that on me!:) My kids do quite enough of that for all of us!

Lisa said...

I remember the night that she made those donuts, too! I have thought about trying to make them so many times, but hate to have to let dough rise. I will definitely try to make these next Saturday. My kids will think I am the Queen! I just have to figure out how to make blue frosting and buy sprinkles and we will be in business! What kind of biscuit did you use?

LeeLee said...

What a great memory to have! Chris could be conned into cooking for me. She made a mean stuffed mushroom at 10 yrs old!

Trudy said...

Sequin - if you used a dough recipe, you're still the bomb in the donut world! ...and believe me I would never pin being fat on you or anyone, I would however say that I was given some aggressive taste buds that need to be appeased often :) -that's my excuse anyway.

Lisa - isn't that a strong memory along with turning out all the lights and finding each other? I guess she rocks in the babysitting world too. I can see my little nephew and niece loving these, just be careful with that hot oil (I still have a mark). I used Grands original buttermilk biscuits but thought the cheaper generic ones would be better since they wouldn't be so big (I can't imagine the calories) It takes a lot of frying oil that I saved - I used canola.

Leelee - stuffed mushrooms sound great too. Way to train your little sister. I think I was untrainable :)

Georgiann said...

Hey Grasshopper Girl~

The donuts looks delicious!
Its funny how everyone remembers differnts things from childhood. The people that were there remember the same events differently. Very cool.
Quick and easy! Just my style!

Peace and Blessings,

Lisa said...

I tried these on Saturday, mine looked nothing like yours! I had my oil way to hot and they cooked to fast and were doughy in the middle. So I added more oil and opened another can, this time flaky ones. Still too hot, but at least not doughy in the middle. My daughter did not eat them, that is how bad they were! I did save the oil to try one more time!
My son ate them but wanted to know if I had blue frosting and sprinkles.