Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our October 15th

Yesterday Rod and I celebrated 14 years of marriage.  It seems like three to me...but then how could we have an 11, 9 and almost 6 year old.  (When I asked Rod blindly how many years he thought it seemed - he said 10 - imply what you want from that)  I don't want to make you gag with all the sentiments I feel (because they are pretty amazing sentiments :), but I will say I am living my dream.  (if you don't count the one about being First Lady - but hey, you just never know - I think Rod has pretty sound political positions).

I started out the day with a pulled muscle under my shoulder blade.  I hurt it backpacking in Europe (it's true, not just using the opportunity to slip that in), and every time I get a little worn down with stress and it starts to get cold, I pull it again.  I thought how am I going to give Rod his anniversary present with a hurt back?  hmmm.  Believe me it all turned out great ;)

We had a simple day since we celebrated our anniversary big in Las Vegas last month.  However, there were a dozen red roses waiting for me downstairs in the morning.  We planned a lunch together at one of our current favorite restaurants, PF Changs, but Rod had too many conference calls yesterday - so today it is.  We took the girls out to Red Robin last night where they presented us with homemade anniversary cards they made in school.  So sweet.  The most touching thing was Rod's homemade card.  He got into my scrapbook supplies and made me this.  Believe me when I say he's not crafty, that's why I love it.

...down to cut out hearts.  I didn't even know I had a "princess" stamp but I know I couldn't have imagined it would be used on me these days.  

Coincidentally or maybe not, Congress set aside October 15th as "National Day of Remembrance for Pregnancy and Infant Loss."  We have felt the continual grace given to us in the Sacrament of Matrimony...maybe never more powerfully than the time of our loss.  I feel so thankful to God and many others for being able to walk through life with my Beloved.  

...and Happy Birthday to my big brother and handsome nephew on the 15th too!  ~for sure, a good day


LeeLee said...

Congratulations! That was such a sweet card... he did good!

sequin said...

Makes me want to see your whole wedding album! Yes, I believe bliss goes by in a heartbeat. And not a coincidence that our secular world celebrates Pregnancy on your special day. DH's pretty creative and really sensitive too! Nice post.

Lisa said...

That card is definetly a keeper. What a great gift. I couldn't help but thing of you both today for many reasons. Congratulations!