Saturday, October 18, 2008

Never Thought

I never thought I'd ever say these things, let alone at the dinner table...

~Did you just throw your booger at that window?

~Just because we didn't laugh at your fart, doesn't mean we don't love you!

Yes, it is true.  Jae was a bit miffed that her sister said "ewwww, you have a booger hanging out of your nose," so she made a face, huffed, picked it, and threw it at the window (with an overextended throw).  I heard it hit.  Then at dinner she became sad, when we asked her what was the matter, she said "you guys don't love me because no one laughed at my fart."  

My goodness, I didn't think such things would be an issue with girls!  ...but(t) I guess apples don't fall far from trees :)


Georgiann said...

Hey Grasshopper girl~
Tell your daughter Jae,that I'm laughing at her FART and so are my 4 boys!! I just posted a ramdom thoughts on Friday and one of them was "when someone Farts,why does everyone laugh.....even if it stinks? I guess that only happens at our house.
One chistmas at midnight mass a old lady with a bun in her,wearing at trench coat that smelled like mothballs, farted so loud and long (your basic horse fart). My son and I got a serious case of the church giggles. We had to do so, as quietly as possible,we finally contained ourselves and tryed to focus on the service and.....wouldn't you know it she did it again!!!! So the giggling started,a Christmas to remember!
Peace in Christ,

PS I hope Karen and the kids are doing OK? My prayers to them.

Trudy said...

Thank you Georgiann for the laugh! We would've all enjoyed that one too. Sometimes things like this can be so funny - I hope God has a sense of humor. I know we're not supposed to be vulgar but a little or a large chuckle at our human nature must be funny.

Thank you for praying for Karen and the family. May God be with them during this unspeakable grief.

sequin said...

Laughing WAY OUT LOUD!!!! I can see that overextended throw right now...did she enjoy cleaning it off the window? Don't even know what to say!!! ...and where did you get such a "queenly" picture? Georgiann...our whole family appreciates a good rip story every now and then...this one is great! Can't stop laughing!

Lisa said...

Oh my word! Little Jae, flicking a booger? Was she aiming for a sister? And who cleaned it off the window?
As for the fart, that is just too funny! The poor girl, nobody laughing at her fart! She is so mistreated at that house.