Monday, October 20, 2008

A Different Time

Inspired by Pioneer Woman's post this morning.  Cee, who stayed home from school today, and I doubled over with laughter seeing the transformation of our family.  I definitely like the constrained look of the far past better then the all over the place look of the 70's-90's.  If I had to, I would definitely put my trust in the first family.  Go to Yearbook Yourself and have a little fun.  Warning! time will be eaten up.

Our Vintage Look

Our "80's" Look


Lisa said...

The vintage look makes you all look so much alike. Little Jae looks like her Escalon cousins in that picture. The 80's look is a little maturing on the girls! It is a good thing they are perfect right where they are! I am going to have to try it out.

sequin said...

At first look, I thought that was a picture of DH's Dad in the vintage look. I think you would have had fun with those glasses back then too! Kay & Cee look very different, Cee the most, but Jae looks pretty darn cute in both of them! Lots of fun, lots of laughs TC and I had looking at these!

Georgiann said...

Hey there Trudy~
Its hard for me to tell the difference between you and you daughter. So you must be looking young!!!?
What fun you two must have had!

Peace in Christ,