Monday, October 27, 2008

Our Big 6 Year Old

Jae turned 6 on Saturday!  We had a lively party for her and her cousin that night with many family and friends.  I think she thought we celebrated well.  She keeps the four of us laughing.  She is incredibly easy going, yet very complicated.  What a gift it has been to be entrusted with her soul.  May God continue to bless her! 


sequin said...

Are you sure this is Jae in the top picture? She has grown so much and looks so different. We, too, enjoy her many ways: joker, giggler, booger flicker, swimmer, and story teller! Happy Birthday Jae!!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Jae! You get cuter and cuter each year! Your fun personality always keeps us in stitches. We Love You!

Georgiann said...

Happy Birthday Jae!

Hey Trudy~
Thanks for coming to say~
I hope her party was fun.
Last night I went to Applebe's for dessert with my MOPS group,there was a family there celebrating with there 5 year old. The whole family was dressed like Fancy Nancy! I have not read any of the books but all the other ladies in my group went gaga over it. The girl was cute.

Peace in Christ,