Thursday, October 9, 2008

The After

Steve's funeral was beautiful because it was full of the richness of faith.  It was God's gift to him - a blessing as his soul reaches Heaven.  Not only in the fitting words of his priest, the Heavenly music, but in the sorrow too of his widow, his little children, and his grieving parents.  The funeral Mass was rich in just the right way, well deserved for this honorable man.

I think we had our hardest morning yet.  Not happy with the way they left this mad at me because I brushed out her hair making it too fluffy, the other mad because I wouldn't let her wear the shoes she grew out of (literally) one year ago, the other a little under the weather.  It's hard not to wander off to a grass is greener scenario.  

It's my job to use this gift of time today to make it better by the time they come home.  A little more sleep in the schedule tonight, positive attitudes, planning ahead, and decorating for Halloween might do the trick.  

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Georgiann said...

OH Trudy~ I have been Praying! Please let Steve's wife Karen know we are praying and will continue to pray even though Steve is gone..I will pray for the children too.
I will pray GOD will show you how to be a friend to her. For HIM to show you her needs,because I can tell you have a kind heart.
Peace,Georgiann Catholic mom over at "The Garden Gate"