Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Why I'm Fat

...not because I like bon bons.  I blame it on my tastebuds and their quest for the savory.  Lately it's this heavenly olive tapenade from Cantare.  Mmmmmmm.  Put it on toasted french bread with a thin slice of dry coppa and your day will be brighter.  Last month it was a pita cracker with cream cheese, olive oil and sun dried tomatoes.  A good Italian green or pasta salad on the side and you have lunch.  Appetizers and lunch are my favorite to prepare and eat. Could it be because it doesn't involve cooking? 

My husband's tastebuds, now they're patient in their longing for meat and potatoes.  There was a day when they were daily satisfied with dinners of chicken enchiladas, steak, fried chicken, pork chops and cheese and rice casserole.  Now they sit quietly and wait for the varied nights of brown sugar meatloaf, Davey Crockett pockets and ribs.  God knew what he was doing when he sent me a patient man!

On a different note....when someone with experience gives you important advice and you think it's a little exaggerated and kind of funny...heed the warning.  When we got our chihuahua from a breeder she said while she was a puppy we needed to walk her outside for potty because hawks can attack them.  Uh huh, yeah hawks - huh?  Well guess what, while she was a puppy and walking away from us in the front yard a hawk swooped down to take a close look at her.  He was probably about 5 ft. over our heads, when we ran to get her the hawk flew off.  Okay, I am now a believer that hawks think little chihuahuas look like rabbits.  (hmmm, maybe there's something to that?)

Secondly, after a visit to the Vet (not my usual trusted Vet), she tried to persuade me to fix our chihuahua.  We were set on giving the girls the childhood experience of one litter of puppies.  She told me how hard it would be when she came in heat and how male dogs try to break down fences to get at them.  Uh huh, fences huh? pit bulls in houses with broken down fences?  Guess what?  Nutmeg is in heat...and this morning I noticed two dogs roaming in our backyard.  Two male dogs sniffing around.  (luckily small mixed breeds with no traces of pit bull)  They had popped open the slat in the back fence.  When they saw me, the two Don Juans jumped back through.  A metal bat is bracing the fence closed until we can secure the premises later this evening.  Take heed!


sequin said...

I'm sure little "Skipita" does imagine a hawk is after her, and that she is a little rabbit, and that she will have the big "burrita" try to catch her as a trap!!

As for you, that plate looks like you are imagining yourself in a little gourmet restaurant in Paris prepared under the tutelage of a little rodent student of "Anyone can cook". Much better than a "Bon Bon".

Lisa said...

That plates look yummy!
As for little Nutmeg, don't do it!!

Trudy said...

LIsa - Don't fix her? or Don't let her have puppies? or...

Sequin - you always have interesting words in your comments. You would have one great blog!

Lisa said...

Don't let her have puppies, get her fixed! There are too many puppies that don't have homes.