Tuesday, September 2, 2008

...and They're Off!

They're off this morning but not without a glitch or two.  We have uniform shirts in their closet they hate and I'm threatening they have to wear them.  When I thought twice about the white polo shirts we bought for school I started to worry the fabric would stain too easily.  I sent Rod down to the uniform store in August before school started (not too far from his work) and had him pick out the pique white, unisex polo shirts.  The trouble is he had to go down a size because they run bigger than the girl style (and they're still too big).  The second problem is that a logo had to be printed on them, we removed the tags so no return possible.  Well they absolutely hate them because they are long and boxy.  

Somehow Kaye and Cee ended up wearing theirs this morning and of course they looked a little big.  So we went for the transfer-up method.  Cee got Jae's, Kaye got Cee's and Jae won because she had no one to pass up to her.  Kaye's new shirt worked well but Cee's was a tad tight.  It was fine really but she couldn't handle it after a 'hard' struggle with her hair.  She came down looking very upset.  I didn't want to send her off like that so we did a quick switch to a red shirt.  GIRLS!  

I kept threatening to take away book faire money but still no result, so giving in seemed like the reasonable thing to do.  Good thing they made their beds or else they'd have cat litter duty this afternoon :)  I tell you nothing gets them moving like a little cat litter threat.  I'm so mean.  Now off to eat bon bons and catch up on Young and the Restless.


sequin said...

...and what's for dinner tonight? "Cold Turkey" that's what I'm thinking :). Starting school for three after homeschooling is like going in "cold turkey". Things will get easier. Remember to rely on His love.

Lisa said...

I am so glad that we do not have a choice! We only have one color of shirt and pants or shorts. Cee was probably happy she got to change, it is terrible going to school so upset, it ruins the whole day. Wash them in really hot water and maybe they will shrink!
Great idea on the cat litter, I can use it in a year or two!

Lisa said...

Can you believe that we used to watch that show? I remember being hooked to that? What were we thinking?