Thursday, September 4, 2008

Not Just a Pretty Face

I've liked Sarah Palin since they announced her as the Republican Vice Presidential nominee last Friday.  Pro-Life, Mother of Five, Feminine Strength, Christian values.  It seems John McCain hit my political subgroup and now I'm in.  

I keep thinking of the process she must have been going through learning she was pregnant at 44 while being a governor, and then hearing the news their son would have Down Syndrome, giving birth in April and then in late August receiving the nomination for Vice President.  I wonder if she ever had a quiet moment in the midst of those times and heard a small voice inside saying "do not fear, God has great things planned for you."

Wasn't her speech great last night?  She hit so many great points and I love how she fights - with dignity.  Okay, where's my bumper sticker and lawn sign?


Katviper said...

I thought her speach was fantastic. She seems to have a little fire in her and I think she will give those guys a run for their money. Good for McCain, to pick a woman with not allot of history and going with someone that might make a difference. They both made points with me. And it doesn't hurt that her husband is pretty good looking.

Lisa said...

I had not been to excited before Wednesday, but I am really excited now! I can't wait to see what she can accomplish! I agree with your take, she can mix it up with the boys, but still be a lady!

Trudy said...

Katviper I miss your blog and the funny things like your comment about Mr. Palin. You probably don't have time to post about your move but it would make good material.

Like I said before... will travel for wine parties :)

sequin said...

So sorry I missed the speech. But, I have heard such great things about her already. Hope she makes history!