Monday, September 22, 2008

A Weekend Away

Rod and I were a world away this weekend on a little pre-anniversary - with some business, trip.  We had never been to Las Vegas together and it was about 20+ years since each of us had been there seperately.  As you might expect, the city itself has energy exuding from everywhere.  The trouble is it's a deceiving energy.  Realizing that very early on we took advantage of our time alone together (thanks to my sister who took care of the girls) and enjoyed the grandeur for a few short days.

We stayed at The Venetian, which is a vacation in and of itself, and lived like different people for two days.  

We had some really nice, quiet, romantic meals together.  Here's the starter (olive tapenade - my new favorite) from the appropriate named Olives by Todd English in the Bellagio.  

Of course the city is amazing at night with all the lights.  This is the walkway in front of the Bellagio.  A water show dances to music every 15 minutes.  

If you could only hear the energy in the water and music - it's amazing.

We ended our night with a romantic gondola ride on the top floor of The Venetian.

The sky is painted and it looks like daytime all through the night (my camera made it look dark, but it's not).  The clouds look like they are moving but it's only an illusion.  A bit confusing at midnight.  We walked in a little tired and left with a confused alertness.  

Wonderful trip to do once in 20 years.  Very luxurious and romantic but I would say the two words that best describe the city are illusion and energy.  Maybe an energetic illusion or illusioned energy - one of those.

~I was trying to beat my low number of posts in August - wonder if I can still do it.  


sequin said...

I would say you could call it "the great escape". It does seem like old Italy there inside. So glad you could enjoy the time in a different world. Outside - its Vegas - full of "energy" but whose? Isn't it nice to be home?!

Lisa said...

If only all people could see the "illusion" of Las Vegas, there would be a lot more happy people. It is a fun place to visit, but reality is so much more real!
The water fountains always make me think of Mom. She would have thought they were amazing.

LeeLee said...

Lucky you! What a great place to escape for a bit... alone! I love the Venetian... when I had a `girl`weekend 2 yrs ago, we stayed there in a suite. It was gorgeous!