Saturday, September 13, 2008


We have a soccer seeding tournament this weekend which makes for one really happy (joyful) family member.  Activities are now in full bloom.  Cee will be singing in the choir this Sunday for the first time too.  I went to choir practice yesterday and was amazed at the energy and strength of their voices.  It was held in the chapel of what used to be the convent.  That music could of knocked those walls down.  With the combination of the piano in full swing, a consecrated, holy place, an energetic teacher and the children singing their hearts out, it really moved me.  At one point the lights flickered and I thought "wow the Holy Spirit loves it too."  Joy.

Tonight we're going to the Fresno State v. Wisconsin game (on ESPN).  Rod is super excited so this is joy for him.  Go Dogs!

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