Monday, September 29, 2008

Finding Balance

Looks like I may have to tie my posts for August.  Really want to keep going with my posts to have a fair portrait of our year.  It has been a balancing act lately.  I definitely have pockets of time available to prepare for the busy time but I just need to find balance.  Last week having started tired after our trip was a hard one.  In addition we had doctor appointments, driver for away game, fun-run and the first weekend of soccer.  It all gets jammed into one end of the day.  I feel sorry for the girls that there isn't more down time for them.  The distance between school and home is hard because I have to stay at school for the sports (four days a week - sometimes five, one of the three has a practice so I must stay an hour or longer at the school - in upper 90's)

Trying to make the effort to find balance and routine because it's really not that hard.  Feel very blessed but still feel like some of the balls are in the air and when I start to figure out how to catch them and then oops one just hits me in the head.  Even now I should go because I have to take one of them to the pulmonologist for asthma.  Both Kaye and Jae are having issues right now.  

Life is good but are all these things necessary?  Hmmm - trying to figure that out.


Lisa said...

When you find the balance, let me know! I am desperate for it right about now!

sequin said...

OOHH YEEAAHH - balance means that you don't fall off the bed at night because you're dead weight when you hit it!!!