Monday, September 29, 2008

Meet Oliver

I'm pretty sure he doesn't allow for more balance, maybe even tipped the scale in that one direction even more.  ....but he had the good fortune of timing, courage, friendliness and looking a lot like my Georgie, a cat I dearly loved.  He was in front of the school this morning when I went to pick Kaye up for her appointment.  He was so friendly he tried to follow a pre-schooler into school, then her Grandma to the car.  I had to stop her because he was rubbing up against her front tire, oblivious to the danger he was in.  When I picked him up he nuzzled in and playfully swatted my face.

A teacher's aide at school said he had been hanging around school and they were occasionally feeding him since last week.  This morning he was peering in the windows with his paws up.  He was so skinny I couldn't leave him there to get hit by a car.  The Aide said nobody wanted him and she couldn't take him because she has 5 cats.  It was a spur of the moment decision but I took him.  When we got back to the car after our appointment he had made himself at home and was curled up on the seat.  

When I brought him home he ate a whole bowl of food and has been napping most of the afternoon.  I took him outside to go the bathroom but Nutmeg escaped and scared him so he ran up a tree, then jumped on the playhouse, until I finally got on a ladder to get him.  The second time I rescued him in one day.  He seems like an adolescent kitten, very skinny (doesn't look skinny in that picture), quite dirty and super friendly.  I don't know what we'll do but I'm thankful Rod  has tolerated my decision so far.  I'm glad he allows me to be me.  This is definitely the  direction my heart pulls me.  I'm not always so sensible when it comes to pets.


Lisa said...

He looks so sweet! St. Francis was watching out for him. He will be one lucky little kitty. What a fitting name for a dirty little orphan! You did the right thing. One more cat when you all ready have one doesn't make that much difference, right?

LeeLee said...

What a cute little kitty! I´m thankful there are such pet lovers as yourself in this world....opening your home to a stray like that. I have to admit I´m a bit afraid of cats and while I would think "poor kitty", that would have been as far as it would have gone!

Georgiann said...

Hey Grasshopper Girl~
Thanks for stoppin by. I'mstill praying for Steve,Karen and the Kids.
Now about that CAT! You seem just like me,when it comes to pets. Do it now as for forgiveness later. Men don't know how much children like the adventure of a found amimal can bring~us mom know how good it is for the kiddos. Just make sure you get a rabies shot for it if you keep it..... I guess its the spending $$$$ that my hubby doesn't like.
Have fun with your new cat.
Peace in Christ,

sequin said...

Yes he sure looks like George when he was little! I like the image of you climbing the ladder to the top of the playhouse! :) I hope little Nuttie gets along with Oliver - or she'll get a swat or two I suppose. How about Frankie -does he like Oliver? I hope he doesn't "curse the day somebody named him Oliver!"