Friday, August 29, 2008

A Whole New World

formal dress for Friday Mass

I think a whole new world best describes the feeling of school this year.  It feels like our life has really changed.  As it always is, change is a little hard and tiring but refreshing too.  Here are a few new experiences we've had the last week and a half.

* inivitations to two birthday parties
* drove and helped with one (the 6 hour one - ahhhh)
* joined two new sports
* homework w/ tears at 10:00 pm 
* sat with first grade at Mass and realized my daughter is a giant in comparison
* Helped girls with homework in Extension Care (for the a/c) while waiting for Jae's soccer practice and realized I will never volunteer to work in that zoo if it's the last job on Earth.
* sometimes running a red light is necessary to get the girls to school on time
* Have to sell 42 bars of chocolate for soccer - anyone craving some crappy chocolate?
* They have great meetings at this school!  Attended two so far where they fed us complete delicious dinners w/ amazing homemade baked goods for dessert.
* the Cafeteria lady is a Rock Star (lunches are so good.  She serves homemade muffins in the morning and will feed your child lunch if they forget theirs, has a vegetarian and allergen free menu too!  Can we attend another meeting?)
* witnessed beautiful reverence for Jesus during Friday Mass

Many more but I can't think any further.  The great thing is the girls are doing very well.  Kaye's evaluation testing went well and she was moved up to algebra with 7th and 8th graders.  I asked Cee's teacher how she was doing and she told me she was one of her top students and participates a lot in class.  I tell you this, well for one, you know - to brag and two because as a homeschool parent you worry so much that they need to stay on grade level that it can drive you a little nuts.  I was relieved to hear that I hadn't "dumbed them up."  Jae hasn't had too much work yet.  She has impressed us with her adaptibility.  She joined soccer which was a very proud moment for her.  She has wanted to play for years.

So there you go....I feel like I caught up a little and now can post the daily stuff.  Life has changed but we feel it is in the right direction.  Here's to a great 3 day weekend!

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Lisa said...

I love the formal look! Kaye looks so much like an all American prep girl! They look so studios.
The cafeteria sounds like I would be forgetting my lunch everyday. And feeding you at meetings sounds yummy too!