Thursday, August 7, 2008

When You Know You Have A Planner

Tonight before going to bed, Kaye asked me if we could sit down tomorrow and go over each day on the calendar and tell her what is happening this month.  Yep, I think she is type A.

Sweet Cee has a long list of prayers for little babies.  We have noticed that she quietly keeps praying after we're done.  When I asked her about it she said she was praying for Elizabeth, that God would give us another baby, and about 5 other babies/children/expecting Moms that have recently been born, have a health concern or are expecting.  If someone asks her to pray, she will remember and do it.  

Jae comes up with some turned about ways of saying common phrases.  One of the little girls in her class last year was named Paris and she would give her little gifts of bracelets or hair clips in the morning.  Jae told me after school, "I think Paris knows what pretty is!"  The other day she asked me if I thought she was a "good smarter?"  I think she meant if I thought she was smart.  I don't know but that's probably the worst way of asking that question.  :)


sequin said...

I'll have to remember to ask Cee to pray for me! Kae will do great - planners get the job done! Jae - well, she's just so spunky, who knows what she'll say next?!!!

Lisa said...

Okay, Kae is definitely an S. My daughter takes after her godsister Cee and Jae is just to darn cute! I wonder if there will be any Paris' at her new school? There usually is!