Monday, August 11, 2008

Productive Weekend

It was a very productive weekend.  We have come out of it with less junk so that alone feels good. 
We went from this:
to this!
I love having our car in the garage.  This Central CA heat turns your car into an oven if it's left out in the open.  Getting into the car without your back hitting a scorching seat is something small to be thankful for.  

This is my latest page from my 'remembering Elizabeth' album.  This was completed last week.  The story gets sad after this point so I don't think it will be very bright next time, not looking forward to those pages.

Last night we tried Lisa's bbq pizza.   I have been drooling over this for over a week.  Lisa and family came to get their stuff Saturday so we were able to visit and find out how easy they were on the bbq.  We decided to give it a try last night.  Mmmmm, oh so good.  I put proscuitto on mine and loved it.  We used a store bought pizza dough so it was super fast and easy.  Cee could hardly contain herself getting to roll out the dough.  The way she was displaying her excitement made me think this is truly something she loves.  Here's a couple of pieces with our usual pizza toppings (not as perfect as Lisa's, but still delicious).  

Have a lot of loose ends to tie up over the next few days before I start to pack for our end of the Summer camping trip which is later this week.  Oh yeah over the weekend we also organized the pantry, cleaned the fridge, made a week long list of dinners, and went grocery shopping.  Nice not to worry about what's for (or where's) dinner tonight.  Mostly though it feels refreshing not having any storage or junk in the garage.  whew.


sequin said...

Oh I wish I could do the same, clear out - cleansing feeling! A little at a time I guess.

Lisa said...

It took a trailer to get all my things home and we still have a garage full of things from our move 2 years ago! I did need most of the things that we took and maybe they will help me get organized! Yeah right!