Friday, July 25, 2008


Yesterday Pioneer Woman talked about "egg-in-a-nest" or "egg-in-a-hole," whatever it's properly called.  It looked so good, wholesome and easy that I surprised Rod this morning.  He had a long night working after we got home from a little date, so it was a welcome sight.  Even I, who is squeamish about runny eggs, loved it.  I remember having this at a Bed and Breakfast near London and thinking it was strange.  I had experienced the runny egg thing at home but hadn't remembered seeing this combination (my memory is bad though and I wasn't in the kitchen much).   Rod remembered his Mom making this for his Dad.

Kaye decided to try making some scrabbled eggs this morning.  Cee the Baker wanted nothing to do with it since she was preoccupied with her Yogo Rollers.  They weren't pillow-y and fluffy, but she ate them.  The important thing is she did it.  So after all that we needed to assign someone to the dishes.

Nutmeg enthusiastically volunteered.  She worked very hard! 

post note:  Suddenly I remembered having an egg sunny side up on a piece of toast while growing up.  I never liked the site of the runny yellow yoke dripping from the sides.  I suppose this is a similar version but contains everything in the 'nest.'


Lisa said...

I remember Dad making these in the morning for us. I can't remember if it was when he was going to the Fire Station or the morning he came home. I loved them! They were the best when the yolk was runny, not the white. I make these every once in a while and it always makes me think of Dad.
Do you remember Mom setting the table for breakfast with a table cloth, bowls, silverware and the cereal in the middle? Like she had nothing else to do!

Trudy said...

You have such a good memory Lisa! I only remember a few things like the runny yolk and everyone loving them but me. Did Dad cut a hole in the middle?

sequin said...

I remember this dish when Fr. ?? came over to visit. It was the first time I had seen it and he was very particular about how it was to be made. Mom made it exactly how he wanted and he ate it in the front room on the couch. (WE never could take a morsel into that room.)

I can't believe Kae touched an egg?! Doesn't she remember where they come from? I am so glad she has overcome that obstacle. She looks quite professional at the stove! Maybe next time she can make some for us!

Angie said...

This post makes my stomach growl -- I'm hungry! I also saw these on PW and thought about making them. My sister used to make them for us. Yum!