Sunday, July 27, 2008

Family Reunion

We had Rod's annual family reunion this weekend.  There is always lots of fun and games.  In fact all the attendees (around 75) are split into two teams and asked to wear their team colors.  There's the Jocks in green and yellow (farming colors) and the Angels in blue and white (for the Blessed Mother).  We receive a fun 5 page newsletter a couple weeks before the reunion with team assignments, memorable events, induction into the 5 for 5 club (attending 5 reunions in a row), pictures, reunion stats, and past 'door' prize winners (the actual screen door from the house of Rod's Great Grandparents - the reason we're all together).  

The arrival of the newsletter stirs a lot of excitement in our house.  First they fight over who gets to see it first, discuss who's on which team, what will be worn, how long until the reunion...  I don't know, but this doesn't seem to be the normal reaction to an upcoming family reunion - this is real excitement and anticipation.  As we were down to the last days before the reunion the taunting between the two teams (we were split 3 on Angels and 2 on Jocks) became heightened and almost escalated into tears.  We overheard one of them saying the other had to go to Confession for lying because they said they were going to win!  

I'm sad to announce the Jocks took it this year.  You can probably decipher who was on which team by the picture above (during a rice blowing competition).  Thanks to the hard work and creativity of the reunion planners, we had another great day!  

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Lisa said...

I would like to look at the newsletter to get some new ideas for our reunion. You guys always look like you have so much fun.