Monday, July 7, 2008

A Moment in Time

I took these pictures while the girls swam yesterday.  I love how the pictures allow time to stop so we can catch those brief, usually unnoticed moments.  I read at Creating Keepsakes (video section) about shutter speed.  The higher the number the less blurry action shots you get.  I took these with our new camera (Canon Rebel xti) we bought just before our vacation.  My sister did catch that the pictures looked different.  I have been feeling very guilty about the camera.  So much that I have kept the box, all tags and every piece of plastic each part came in, just in case.  Bye, bye to the idea of a digital video camera.  I guess it's back to our "retro" VHS video camera model and the video capabilities of our free camera.  Actual live video is so overrated :)  You can read about the steps that led to the camera here and here.  

I have so much to learn.  It was fun trying just one function.  Here's the pictures from yesterday:  

A captured moment of time with my camera bag.  I'm sure eventually the guilt will pass too and I'll take off all the tags and throw away the plastic bags.  I hope this was the right decision.


sequin said...

The pictures are so fun!! I like pictures - blurry or not so I can't comment on the clarity, but taking action shots like that are hard to get - so it must be working just fine! I like Cee's fashion statment - her carefree hurry up get in the pool attitude!

Buyer's remorse will be over soon. It always is.

Lisa said...

All I can say is I am so jealous! Now I have to go to confession for gluttony and jealousy.

I too like Cee's fashion statement and Jae's flight!