Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Struggle

This year like no other, we have been struggling with the upcoming school year.  I've prepped, gotten my book list together, but just can't make the call to order the books.  We talk about it and decide to continue homeschooling, then we talk about it again, decide for homeschooling...and it goes on.  

This evaluating process has been going on since Spring when we had to decide on whether to continue Jae in the public school where she attended Kindergarten.  I cried that last day, normal maybe, but an uneasiness had settled in.  Recently I wrote two emails on homeschooling...looking for any encouragement that would boost me from the state of being unsure to a stage of perfect clarity.  Talk about an unrealistic expectation.

We think we have a decision.  Of course just a couple of days ago I was sure we had a decision, now it's sinking in and I'm beginning to examine the options once again right before we commit.  Kind of like an early buyers remorse.  

The decision is..............Catholic school.  Our parish school has a waiting list, so the girls will attend another parish school on the other side of town near Rod's work.  One class per grade. We have taken the tour, talked to parents who send their children there and are filling in the registration material.  Friday they have a uniform sale so the decision will be final then.  More on the reasons another time.  I'm just about exhausted with the review of them right now.


LeeLee said...

I know that this has been weighing you down...the back and forth of it all. But when you say that your children are excited, that has to make you feel good about your decision. Big hugs from me to you!

Trudy said...

Thanks Leelee. The kids are excited and that makes a huge difference. Now that we've decided, I'm going to put any doubt I have in God's hands. Rod told me to "have joy in your decision." I'm going to give that a try. :)

Lisa said...

Wow, you leave for a week and things can really change! I always have envied your termination and your ability to be able to homeschool. I wish that our finances would allow me to be able to home school. I am thankful that we are able to do the Catholic School. I think you will be as well. I am glad the girls are excited, and I think you will be too. Everything in life has a pro and a con to it, if you leave it in God's hands you will make the right decision! And Rod is right, enjoy that the decision is made! When does school start?