Friday, July 11, 2008

Elephants Smell When It's 112

We bought pre-tickets for the circus back in Spring...back in Spring when we couldn't have known we picked the hottest day of the year.  I mean we knew it was going to be hot, it's July, but we picked the winner of a day.  To top it off we have had hazy skies because of the fires, so it was just about unbearable.  We waited for a half hour before they opened the doors (we figured the doors would've already been open).  It was a little alarming to see the two stretchers outside the doors prepared for any health issues.  We were all trying to think cool thoughts.  When we entered the building was cooler but not cooled.  

So that's the bad news, the performance was nice, better than we had seen two years ago when we were disappointed.  I think that was the year ownership changed.  This year was much better.  We love the motorcycles, the dogs, tigers and horses.  The elephants were neat but as soon as they entered the arena you could smell them.  I thought of the poor animals in the intense heat - I'm sure they were wishing they were back in 'cool' Africa.

We've had a nice full week.  We had a fun sleepover Tuesday night and the free movie the next day, night-time swimming in 94 degree water.  It felt like bathwater.  Today's much better at 104 - we can definitely handle that.  Over the weekend it should drop to a cool 100 degrees.  I'm so thankful for air conditioning


LeeLee said...

Hot animal smell is NOT my idea of fun! I thought about taking the kids this year but never got around to getting tickets. Maybe next year. The Hanford Fair is going on right now too ... but my kids don´t know that! ;)

sequin said...

Your camera took some pretty nice pictures - its doing well! I guess its a good thing it doesn't have "smell detector". Could it be they're made for warm weather - isn't Africa pretty warm? Hope it wasn't too "cruel" for them.

Lisa said...

They brought the tigers back! The DH missed them last time. I was wondering if you guys were going to go. My kids never said anything about going, even after they saw the advertisement. We will have to try and go again to see if they enjoy more then last time.