Sunday, July 13, 2008

Come On Over

Today was Kaye and Cee's piano recital.  They have one every Summer and Winter.  We have invited family before but more often we have kept it small, sometimes just the 5 of us.  This year Kaye liked her recital piece so she wanted a personal audience.  It worked out according to her plan although we didn't exactly construct the plans ourselves.  You see we are timid hosts.   We leave a trail of disgruntled people behind us.  Those who could rightly complain we don't ever call, invite them over, come visit...and this has been going on since the beginning of us.  Don't get me wrong we love our family and friends it just happens this way.  We love it when we do finally get together it's just all the planning and prep involved leaving behind all the undone things of our regular life.  It's nice when people are patient with us and then take the initiative themselves when it has been too long.  Thank you to all you patient loved ones!

Today was such a day and we really enjoyed ourselves.  After the recital instead of going out to lunch we had our family over for a bbq and swim.  Everyone contributed and best of all no one was in a hurry.  It was a relaxing Sunday spent with family, just as Sundays should be.  ...and Kaye and Cee did great.  They're so cute, just love watching their nervous excitement.  Here are some pictures of the day.  Someday, just someday we may surprise everyone and throw a big bash - just because.  (You might not want to hold your breath though)


Lisa said...

Great pictures, especially the last two! I think Jae and my son look a lot alike in that picture.
You guys are always such great hosts, you go all out. We can understand why you don't want to do it all the time because you do such a good job!
It was a very relaxing fun day!

LeeLee said...

Hi! You know, when I read this on Monday I was thinking that I´d better call Trudy if I want to come over and swim! lol So it was such a nice surprise to see you and the family last night! I´ll definitely figure out a day to come and visit next week. :)

sequin said...

That get together was just great - just a relaxing time together. The girls did awesome at the piano and the swim afterward was so much fun. Thanks for the kind pictures!