Wednesday, July 16, 2008


It's a good feeling, waiting for my summer sleepyheads to wake up.  We're planning to go to the kid's movies this morning at 10:00 so I need to wake them soon.  They have an especially sound sleep after a late swim.   Trying to take this all in.  Summer has been great and I want to remember the nice rest we've had.  

Soon enough the seriousness of school and the busy-ness of Fall will be upon us and we may forget how easy we had it this Summer.  Homeschooling preparations for 08/09 have begun.  It's both exciting and difficult.  Each year's decision might not be as easy as some think.  The options are seriously evaluated (so much that a three page 'pros and cons' spread-sheet exists).  Still feel the call strongly, still feel it's the best choice for our children right now.  

I remember Pioneer Woman mentioning that for relatives and friends homeschooling can be a hard pill to swallow.  Sometimes I have to remind myself of that.  On the other end of things sometimes it's easy to understand that and proceed on and at times it's tough.  Feeling a certain underlying scrutiny, feeling like the 'weird ones', sensing your kids are being examined.  It goes with the territory I know...going against the grain can be a lonely place.  It's still worth it.  We still choose this and everything that comes with it. I'm not saying go hug a homeschooler today, just know the decision comes after much consideration, prayer, and examination of details you may not know.  As for now, it's still Summer and we're going to enjoy it today.


Lisa said...

I am wishing for Fall to get here but I forget how busy it is. Trying to get back on a schedule, all the holidays and activities. It is good you are thinking about it, but enjoy this relaxing time while you can. We start school on August 13th and August 18th, Yuk!

sequin said...

Homeschooling is such a blessing and if you feel the call, I believe you won't regret it! You are right to give it prayerful consideration each year as life and circumstances change. The girls are progressing quite nicely!

We start 8/14 and that is way too early in my opinion! We are barely over summer sports and its time for school, with little or no real down time. :(