Monday, June 9, 2008

Our Angel

A beautiful statue of an angel to place in our garden to remember that there's a part of us already in heaven - our little soul, Elizabeth.  My Dad, Sisters and Brothers gave us this angel on a very important day.  I understand it wasn't without mishap and effort.  (We didn't know it at the time but this is the second one they had to buy.)   It has sat in a temporary place for a couple of months which made me sad.  Finally we had a full weekend at home (poor Kaye has had a fever for three days), so I was able to spend time giving it just the right place.  I love it!  I found a place where we can see it from the kitchen windows.  It feels good knowing it's there in it's right place.  My sister said they wanted to find something like the angel from this post.  I can't believe how close they got!
It means so much - thank you to my family!


Susan in SC said...

What a beautiful memorial for little Elizabeth. I know this must be so hard on you. Perhaps thinking of Little Elizabeth being rocked and held by St. Elizabeth will help. I will remember her in my rosary. God bless. Susan in SC

Lisa said...

I am glad to see that "Our Little Angel" has found her special spot. It is beautiful where you put it. It is overlooking the pool where the girls will be spending so much time.

I am so glad that it meant so much to all of you. Little Elizabeth has touched all of our hearts and she will always be remembered.