Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Baked by Beans

This Summer I've pledged to get to know my kitchen, laundry room and art table better.  I've also pledged to read more with Jae, have more get-togethers with the girl's friends and cousins, and helping Cee (aka 'Beans') find that interest that is just hers.  No big prize sitting at the end of it, just the reward of accomplishment.  

After expressing a concern to my homeschool consultant, she gave me a suggestion to help Cee find that one thing that is hers.  Something she alone is good at and loves to do.  She does not like competition or sports that much.  Because she is two and a half years younger, she is usually outdone by her older, more competitive, perfectionist sister.  All in all I don't think that bothers her too much because she has a more laid back personality.  

I asked her what little hobby or activity she would like to learn this Summer.  Without hesitation she said "baking."  She did not say cooking, she said, baking.  Excuse me when I honestly say "I suck at baking."  So hey that works with what the consultant said, "what she alone is good at and loves to do."  She'll at least have confidence that she can bake better than her Mother.  "We" baked some pretzels today.  I should have started with a boxed cake mix and had her make cupcakes, but oh well.  I found this recipe from All Recipes which sounded easy enough.  I couldn't say no to Jae who walked in and wanted to help.  I knew she wouldn't last long and I told her Cee was the Baker.

The finished product and a big smile!

Making a well for the dough.

Kneading the dough

Twisting the pretzels like she's seen in the Mall.

Sprinkling salt after the baking soda bath. 

The finished product!

Things we need to look into:  why our dough didn't rise to double the size, rolling out the dough thinner so it bakes more evenly, why the drawer beneath the cutting board is sprinkled with flour (oh I know why - our little baking assistant shut the cutting board while it was still a mess.  Note to self:  fire baking assistant.  

It was a fun learning session although I think Cee desperately needs to take Grandma or Aunt S's baking bootcamp instead of calamity in the kitchen with Mom.  Even still, we'll keep trying, maybe I'll learn a thing or two from Beans.


jingles said...

I have to congratulate you and I am amazed that you started with such a hard project===bread. Hard for me anyway. Its so easy to mess up, but yours looked yummy! Tell Ce that she did great!

I now have an account, so maybe we can stay in touch more.

TNS said...

Love the name Jingles! Thanks for saying hello and let me know when I can say hello on your blog :) That would really keep us in touch!

Lisa said...

Hey those looked really good to me! If they were a little soft in the middle, even better! She looks very at easy in the kitchen. She must take after Uncle Slug(?) or at least that side of the family.

She will find her nitch. I am surprised it doesn't have something to do with acting!

Lisa said...

I went and looked at the receipe and Cee's looked just as good as the ones on the receipe site! Great Job Cee!

Katviper said...

She looks like a natural in the kitchen. I think she did a great job. The question is, who cleaned up after?

Angie said...

I just love seeing all these pictures! What an excellent post!