Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Favorite Walk

This is a place I love to come.  I don't go there very often but when I do I always feel at peace and sense God in the beauty I see.  This is a walk near my Dad's cabin where old cabins sit in the shade of tall pine trees.  It begins with a  narrow dirt road and splits in two.  Little brooks trickle in the middle of the two roads and along the outer sides of the cabins headed for the creek below.  Most Cabin Owners come up just for Summer vacations while a few can enjoy the Winter beauty with the help of snow mobiles.   Here are just a few of the cabins along my favorite walk:

When I return from my walk I head up the hill to the cabin my Dad built (picture below).  In that cabin time and memories stand still.  A place spent together playing games, questioning bizarre words used in Scrabble, eating, listening to some record-breaking snoring, laughing, and waiting in line for one bathroom.  As I would climb up the hill I would long for that cool drink of water waiting for me in the orange thermos on top of the counter in the yellow kitchen.  
This is our little spot in the big world God gave us to enjoy and find rest.  I hope we can enjoy His gift more often.


sequin said...

Amen to all that! It is one place in this world that there can be no distractions and one can be a family!

Lisa said...

What a great description of a beautiful place. We are all blessed that Mom and Dad agreed with the beauty and peace of this place. What great memories it holds; footed pajamas, a fire every morning, individual boxed cereal and eggos, and good night John Boy! I hope our children will have wonderful memories too!