Friday, June 13, 2008

Spring Garden Tour

Welcome to our Garden.  Lisa at The Preacher's Wife is hosting a spring garden tour.  I'm not sure it's so much a garden as it is our yard.  We have a "mow and go" guy to cut the lawn and kill some of the weeds but that's it.  We do the planning, pruning and planting.  

This is our courtyard today full of sun-loving day lillies.  We added the lamp post and a few smaller things but for the most part this was here in it's beginning stages when we came here eight years ago.   We loved the courtyard immediately when we looked at the house.  

A different view of our courtyard in early Spring.  

Although we forget to fill and turn on the fountain most days we still enjoy it and will remember this for years to come because many pictures have been taken in front of it.  When I was growing up we always took pictures in front of our beloved Blue Spruce.  

These lillies are so easy and beautiful this time of year.  I recommend them to the insecure gardener - they'll always boost your confidence.

This is our backyard BEFORE we decided to redo it in 2006 after we came to our senses about wanting to move to two and a half acres in the country.  I'm so glad God knocked some sense into us and we stayed here.  

We designed the pool and the yard together.  It was a stressful Summer but the excitement made it worth it.  I think we drove our pool and yard guy a little crazy.  There are a few things we'd change but for the most part we love it!

Here's the pool in action and the three reasons we built it.  You don't know how much begging we hear to go swimming starting on the first sunny day in February.  It's usually about April before the first brave one jumps in.

This is our path to the bathroom.  Before it was an unused area of the yard.  Now we use it all the time and love the path.  These hydrangeas are now a little faded from the sun but were beautiful just a couple weeks a go.

My brother-in-law and husband built the playhouse for Christmas one year maybe 7 years ago.  Telling the girls that it was a tool shed.  They fell for it.  You may notice from the BEFORE picture that it was located on the other side of the yard.  It took a lot of muscle and effort but about 5 men were able to do it.   This is a favorite area for the kids when they can't be in the pool.

My daugther built a fort here after seeing Nim's Island.  You can see the azalea's in bloom.

I love to watch the birds in the yard.  This is a view from our school room window.  We have many dove, purple finch, and a couple pesky jays that run the rest away.

Another favorite area to watch is our hummingbird feeder next to our area dedicated to the Blessed Mother.  

This is our patio.  We have a lot of society garlic spread throughout the yard.  It's so easy and I think beautiful.  Here are some in potted plants.

My favorite thing about the whole project was not garden related at all but putting in our french doors.  Before we had a heavy slider that was hard for the kids to open.  These doors have added a lot of convenience.  I'm glad we added them.

So thank you for visiting.  Nothing grand but we are thankful for the fun, peace, and rest our yard provides.

Go here to see the other gardens on the tour.


Sheryl said...

Nothing grand? I think it is beautiful! And I love the french doors idea. Those sliders are terribly heavy. Enjoy your garden this weekend.

RR Mama said...

Love the day lillies. Your yard is absolutly beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

It's lovely...ya'll have done a wonderful job!

sequin said...

Wow! I feel like I've just been on the Garden Club tour! It all looks lovely - and can't believe the improvement in the backyard! I thought the backyard was so nice before. It all is pretty comfortable and inviting. Did I say inviting?

jamie in rose cottage said...

Great hummingbird photo! Love your yard, and I could sure stand to go for a dip in your pool! Can I come over? :-)

Cassandra said...

I am asking God to forgive me for coveting your awesome pool! And I adore the little hummingbird.

Heather said...

What a beautiful garden! I love the natural look of the pool. And I never thought of planting garlic for the flowers. Great idea!

Thanks for sharing!

Lisa a.k.a. The Preacher's Wife said...

I'm asking Jesus to help me with the feelings I'm having over that court yard and pool...:))

You know I'm kidding. Sort of. lol

Thank you for showing us your beautiful outdoors! I also have to add that we went to see Nim's Island and postively loved it. I think that is my favorite Jodie Foster role ever. :))

connorcolesmom said...

I love your backyard
It is a mixture of tranquility and fun!
I am hoping that if we stay in this house we can get us one of those pools - I think my 2 boys would LOVE that
God bless

Lisa said...

I hope next year our yard will look good enough to put into the garden tour. It is fun seeing your before and after pictures! You guys have done a great job!