Monday, April 28, 2008

The Trouble with Me

Blogging has been a lot of fun.  There have been many times when I've been excited about recording pictures and events to keep in our memory.  I have been wondering though, how true a reflection it will be of our year.  I've been feeling very confused lately, not knowing what to express.  I've always given myself an allotment of how much emotion I can feel/express.  How much should I express on my blog, to others who ask, to others who don't ask? You can tell which people just want you to get on with it and those who want you to trust them enough to share with them what it is you truly feel. 

So, until I figure out how guarded I should be, I will pick up writing about the life of our family (which is carrying on - because it must - but different than before).  I am deeply sad, but also honored, thankful, and proud of my family.  

edited:  I changed this post a little now that I feel less emotional.  I guess I allotted too much :)


sequin said...

I think you have the right balance. Right now is a difficult time and you have shared that to a certain extent. If you are concerned about legacy, write it in a personal journal. If you don't feel like writing at all, there will be the missed entry and that will indicate that is where you are at at this time. I often wonder what Mom would say about all this blogging - she cautioned me often about "not putting it in writing". Again, I think you have the right balance.

Lisa said...

You should do whatever is comfortable to you. I agree that by writing it down, you won't forget certain things that are important.

I agree that Mom often said "don't put it in writing" but how boring a scrap book is without the details of the events. For me, my blog is my families scrapbook.

Your blog is what you want it to be. What you have done so far is a tribute to your family. Do what is right for you, not anyone else.

Katviper said...

I agree that blogging should be all about what you want to share. But I also remebmber, your sharing your life with many others that care about you and want to know about you. And that your life has touch many people.

TNS said...

Thank you all for the good suggestions and encouragement in these and emailed comments. I have not worked it all out, so for now I'm going to record event(s) and feelings related to my miscarriage into a scrapbook. Later when I'm less confused, I'll add to the blog as appropriate.

I hope there does come a time when I'm less confused. :)