Friday, April 25, 2008

Schoolhouse Rock

Do you remember this?  As a child, during our usual Saturday morning cartoons (being allowed to watch only up to a certain time), my brother, sister and I enjoyed the songs of Schoolhouse Rock.  When Cee was memorizing the Preamble this week I was surprised to discover I could sing all of it.  I found this clip on You Tube, and in just 5 minutes she knows most of it now too.  I also remember replaying in my mind "How a Bill Becomes a Law" during a Civics exam.  Then there's also "Conjunction Junction" that came in handy in English class.  Boy, those images really stuck.  Here's a treat for those 40 and over. (...and anyone in need of recalling the Preamble in a pinch.)

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LeeLee said...

Reidar and I were just looking at buying the series on itunes! I totally sang the whole preamble for him because I *still remember it too. Hey, School House Rock got me a good grade on that civics test!